Tanya Ponømareva


I am a creative director with a passion for crafting smart, human-centric concepts that resonate with today's tech-savvy generation globally. I focus on generating bold, thought-provoking, and sometimes uncomfortable ideas that can stir emotions and leave a mark.

Over ten years, my career has taken me around the world, shaping my work into something often described as "people-focused and driven by activism." I've had the privilege of working in diverse locations, including India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Moscow, Manchester, and Amsterdam. Coming from a less privileged background, I'm deeply committed to fostering cultures of authenticity, experimentation, and inclusion wherever I land.

I've garnered recognition in numerous publications and earned several industry awards. I've also taken on jury roles at the ADCN Awards, the shots Awards EMEA, D&AD, and Cannes Lions. Beyond my creative pursuits, I am a national Ultimate Frisbee player, a yoga instructor, and an unwavering sailor. With dreams of circumnavigating the globe, I might just make my debut on Netflix one day.



  • A leader who manages large creative teams effectively 
  • Multidisciplinary creative with expertise in copywriting & art direction
  • Skilled in combining customer experience with communications
  • Always on the lookout for new digital features and technologies 
  • Adopts a design thinking approach to advertising, using a non-linear, iterative process
  • Experienced in managing the creative development process from insight to execution
  • Strong strategic skills, including the ability to conduct research, synthesis, and insight development
  • Knows what's popular and understands the cultural context to stay ahead of trends
  • Works well in teams and is an advocate of the Hyper Island methodology
  • Focuses on creating people-first solutions and avoids creating unnecessary or insincere advertisements
  • Experienced in working in diverse environments, with experience in seven countries in both EMEA & APAC



  • Effie Awards (RU): Silver, 2014 
  • Effie Awards (RU): Silver / Bronze / Gold, 2015
  • Silver Mercury Festival: Silver, 2015
  • Young Glory: Shortlisted, 2015
  • White Square: Shortlisted, 2017
  • Russian Art Directors Club: Bronze, 2017
  • Effie Awards (RU): Silver / Bronze / Gold, 2018 
  • Russian Art Directors Club: Gold, 2018 
  • Red Apple: Gold in Media, 2018 
  • White Square: Shortlisted, 2019
  • Effie Awards (RU): Shortlisted, 2019 
  • Red Apple: Gold, 2 x Silver, Bronze, 2019
  • Eurobest: 2 x Shortlists, 2020 
  • Eurobest: Bronze in Film Craft, 2020
  • One Show: 5 x Shortlists  2021
  • One Show: Finalist Award 2021
  • Esprix Awards, 2021
  • New York Festival: 3 x Shortlists, 2021
  • Cannes Lions: Film Craft Shortlist, 2021
  • ADCN: 3 x Finalists, 2021
  • ADCN: Bronze, 2021
  • Effie Awards, Bronze (NL) 2021
  • SAN Awards, 2022
  • Esprix Awards, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Digital Craft Shortlist, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Silver in Digital Craft, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Silver in Social & Influencer, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Bronze in Social & Influencer, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Brand Experience, 2022
  • New York Festival: 1 Bronze in Direct: Best Use
  • ADCN: 4 x Finalists, 2022
  • Eurobest: Grand Prix and Bronze in Social & Influencer, 2022
  • Eurobest: Gold in Digital Craft, Brand Experience & Activation, 2022
  • Eurobest: Several Shortlists, 2022
  • Clio Awards, Silver, 2023

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