Tanya Ponømareva


As a creative director, my roots are in filmmaking, and I've always had a soft spot for simple and clever concepts. My game changed when I joined Gospooky. Turns out, making TikToks that snag millions of views is more satisfying than pouring cash into glossy ads that nobody watches. So now, I'm making documentaries for the love of it and diving into short-form content for the immediate impact. Innovation (XR) is where I'm currently pushing boundaries, infusing projects with bold, thought-provoking ideas that engage and challenge.

My career has been a world tour, from the vibrant creative hubs of Southern and Southeast Asia to cosmopolitan European cities, enriching me with a diverse, global perspective.

Coming from a less privileged background, I'm deeply committed to fostering cultures of authenticity, inclusion, and experimentation wherever I land. I've garnered recognition in numerous publications, landed dozens of speaking opportunities, and earned several industry awards. I've also served on juries for the ADCN Awards, the shots Awards EMEA, D&AD, Dubai Lynx and Cannes Lions.

Outside the office, I am a former national Ultimate Frisbee player, an RYT500-certified yoga teacher, a seasoned athlete, and a passionate skipper. I dream of circumnavigating the globe and am pretty confident that I'll make my debut on Netflix one day.



  • A leader who effectively manages large creative teams and projects
  • Multidisciplinary creative with expertise in short-form content, innovation, and campaigns
  • Skilled in blending experience design with communications
  • Always on the lookout for new social features and technologies
  • Adopts a design thinking approach, utilising a non-linear, iterative process
  • Experienced in overseeing the creative process from insight to execution
  • Has strong strategic skills for research, synthesis, and developing insights
  • Keenly aware of what's popular and culture-savvy to stay ahead of trends
  • Thrives in multicultural teams and is an advocate for the Hyper Island methodology
  • Focused on creating people-first solutions and allergic to creating just ads
  • Experienced in working in diverse environments across EMEA & APAC



  • Effie Awards (RU): Silver, 2014 
  • Effie Awards (RU): Silver / Bronze / Gold, 2015
  • Silver Mercury Festival: Silver, 2015
  • Young Glory: Shortlisted, 2015
  • White Square: Shortlisted, 2017
  • Russian Art Directors Club: Bronze, 2017
  • Effie Awards (RU): Silver / Bronze / Gold, 2018 
  • Russian Art Directors Club: Gold, 2018 
  • Red Apple: Gold in Media, 2018 
  • White Square: Shortlisted, 2019
  • Effie Awards (RU): Shortlisted, 2019 
  • Red Apple: Gold, 2 x Silver, Bronze, 2019
  • Eurobest: 2 x Shortlists, 2020 
  • Eurobest: Bronze in Film Craft, 2020
  • One Show: 5 x Shortlists  2021
  • One Show: Finalist Award 2021
  • Esprix Awards, 2021
  • New York Festival: 3 x Shortlists, 2021
  • Cannes Lions: Film Craft Shortlist, 2021
  • ADCN: 3 x Finalists, 2021
  • ADCN: Bronze, 2021
  • Effie Awards, Bronze (NL) 2021
  • SAN Awards, 2022
  • Esprix Awards, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Digital Craft Shortlist, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Silver in Digital Craft, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Silver in Social & Influencer, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Bronze in Social & Influencer, 2022
  • Cannes Lions: Brand Experience, 2022
  • New York Festival: 1 Bronze in Direct: Best Use
  • ADCN: 4 x Finalists, 2022
  • Eurobest: Grand Prix and Bronze in Social & Influencer, 2022
  • Eurobest: Gold in Digital Craft, Brand Experience & Activation, 2022
  • Eurobest: Several Shortlists, 2022
  • Clio Awards, Silver, 2023
  • European Excellence Awards: Winner, 2023
  • ADCN: Finalist in Music, 2023
  • ADCN Bronze Lamp in Music, 2023
  • Buma Music in Motion: Award for Best Music in Advertising, 2023
  • Music+Sound Awards: Gold for Best Re-Recording in Advertising, 2023
  • Lovie Awards: Silver, Bronze in Best Use of AR, 2023
  • Lovie Awards: Silver in the 'Beyond: Health & Well-Being, 2023
  • Lovie Awards: 2x Silver and People’s Winner in Social, 2023
  • Webby Awards: People's Voice Award in AI, Metaverse & Virtual, 2024
  • Webby Awards: People's Voice Award in Social, 2024
  • Webby Awards: Jury Award in Social, 2024


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